We care for the environment and use recyclable cups and compostable lids

Our drinks are served in 12oz cups that are 100% recyclable and the lids are compostable. We also use paper straws to minimise the impact on the environment that your coffee has.

What's new?

We have been asked to return to many of our prime events as well as some new ones, guess they all like our coffee.


Check out the Events page to see were we are next and get the taste of some great coffee.


"This is the best coffee I've tasted since I left London"

just one comment we had from a happy customer.

We spent a long time selecting the perfect coffee for our customers, trying numerous beans to get that perfect basis for our coffee menu. We are pleased to serve the Columbian Cundinamarca which is beautifully full bodied and sweet with a sharp citrussy fruitiness and notes of honey and nuts. Perfect for any time of day.

We purchase all of our coffee beans from Smokey Barn in Norwich and would recommend them to everyone. Importantly the provenance is fully traceable back to its source to ensure ethical and fair trading. Rain Forest Alliance Certified.

Our standard menu includes the following coffee’s.

Espresso - a shot of espresso direct from the machine with nothing added.

Espresso Doppio - a double shot of coffee direct from the machine with nothing added.

Latte - espresso with hot milk and a small amount of foam on top.

Cappuccino - espresso with foamed milk.

Americano - espresso topped up with water. Can be served black or white.

Macchiato - espresso topped with a small amount of foamed milk.

Moccha - espresso topped with hot chocolaty milk.


Syrups - add a dash of Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut or Caramel.


Hot Chocolate - made with foamed milk and topped with chocolate chips.

Twinings Tea - a selection of the very best for the discerning tea drinker.